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Veteran cars

Trailers and containers stylized on veteran cars

Containers in retro style

We offer new on the market-containers and trailers stylized on veteran cars. We realize orders for different stylizations such as fire trucks. As in the standard trailers, equipment and design are made according to individual needs of our customers. We offer adaptation, either for catering and commercial assortment. High quality workmanship and attention to detail makes the styling look elegant and stylish, what attracts many customers. Their outstanding design makes it perfectly blend into any landscape.

  • Standard equipment
  • - electric installation 230V with counter board
  • - 3 double sockets 230V
  • - lighting
  • - one window
  • - insulated floor 100mm styrodur, lined with waterproof plywood coated with industrial non-slip lining
  • - interior finish all with polished stainless steel H-17
  • Additional equipment
  • - sanitary station
  • - furnitures- tables, shelves, etc.
  • - catering equipment
  • - hacker, advertisement
  • - additional sockets 230V and 400V
  • - hood, fan, ventilating hole and grate
  • - glasses summer-short and winter
  • - addtional windows
  • Top quality production
  • - sheathing of 1mm aluminium sheets
  • - coated with automotive lacquers SIKKENS commercial vehicle I, in any colour of RAL standard
  • - with the use of the best subassemblies (an axle, a tow bar, a catch, the overrunning brakes, the supports) made by "KNOTT" company
  • - floor made of waterproof plywood, covered with an industrial lining to match the furniture colour
  • - external and internal sheathing made with rivet-free technology, due to which the aesthetic aspect of the final product is increased


Deadline for completion of the order is our priority. We make every effort to ensure that the customer received the product on time in accordance with the term of the contract.


Being aware of how important to our customers is continuous and trouble-free operation, a special emphasis on fast, efficient service in the warranty period and thereafter.

Professional help

Our experts will help you with the selection of trailers, equipment and accessories.