Exhibition trailers approval

Exhibition trailer, trading trailer is an innovative idea for a direct contact with customer and presentation of your products at any time and place. Change of location depends on the needs and interest of potential customers, which makes you can reach  to more of them and increase the chances of sales.  Exhibition trailers are becoming more popular in our country, and abroad they are a permanent element of advertising at the fair or front of the shopping centers. Everyone who participate in fair know how expensive it is: stand, its construction and development, besides all that absorbs a lot of precious time. The main advantages of our trailers
- without the need to purchase the expensive place and stand at the fair
- without the costs of transportation- each products are transported in a trailer 
- today Gdańsk, tomorrow ... Berlin, the exposure of multiple sites without laborious preparation and formalities.
Fair Every Day? - Why not! The possibility of advertising and offering products every day 
– Putting the trailer in the busiest place you gain new customers, increase profits, develop BUSINESS! 

Trailers with European homologation

As the only company in Poland to produce a trailer that have approved. Starting in 2013, approval is required to register the trailer (sophistication of the registration and receiving arrays). For more information on approval, please visit PZPM .


Exhibition trailers are made of steel square pipes. Covered with aluminum AL=1mm, painted in the standard in white color. Interior made whole of H17 stainless steel. Components of the German company Knott. Floor made of waterproof plywood, anty-slide floor finish in color that fits to tables. The offer includes a trailer having a length of 2,5m to 6,50m, width from 2m to 2,4m and a height of 2,4m. Weight is determined by the size and equipment of the trailer. The standard trailer has one flap. The number and size of flaps can be adapted to the individual needs of each customer. Due to the fact that trailers are made from scratch in our company, it is possible to introduce structural changes in the trailer, for example, any number and size of the flaps. Depending on your needs we offer one, two, three or even four flaps. They can be small (as for example a window), or opening a whole.


The interior of the trailer is adapted under the installations of specific devices and spectacular exposure. Possibility of assembly furniture to a comfortable presenting, meetings and trade talks. In addition, we offer a wide range of additional items such as alarm systems, sound systems, monitoring, and LCD screens, etc. In our trailer, you can expose and present all kinds of products, This is an offer for almost every industry.


Exterior view of the trailer is conditioned on the type of assortment and your inventive. We offer painting and UV foil lined by individually made graphic design. We also offer light boxes and banner ads. The offer includes also various types of outfits - eg, vehicle retro. We make any efforts to meet every expectations, even the most innovative. We are open to any modifications and interesting solutions and ideas.

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Deadline for completion of the order is our priority. We make every effort to ensure that the customer received the product on time in accordance with the term of the contract.


Being aware of how important to our customers is continuous and trouble-free operation, a special emphasis on fast, efficient service in the warranty period and thereafter.

Professional help

Our experts will help you with the selection of trailers, equipment and accessories.