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Commercial Trailers

Trailers fair, exhibition trailer

Producent przyczep handlowych

We produce customized trailers for display all kinds of goods, equipment. Offered by your products can be presented on-site or at the fair. Trailers are made accordingly to the highest quality standards. The design of steel makes trailers solid and serve for many years.

Commercial trailers are made according to customer's guidelines, which is free to choose any piece of equipment and finish the trailer.

Cover made ​​of aluminum sheets painted white as standard. Additionally, you can paint in any RAL color, graphic project printed on UV foil (individual project), mounted on the wheels and grilles preparing coffer advertising.

Przyczepy reklamowe

The interior of the trailer completely finished by the draft provided by you or suggested by us. You can oklejenia wall graphics, for example, which can be presented effectively promoted products. Comfort presentation increases the possibility of installing furniture, sound system, projectors, televisions, or eg coffee maker.

Producent przyczep gastronomicznych


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